Day 1 – Perth to Paynes Find

Rather than bash up the bitumen to Paynes Find I decided that a road trip through Goomalling, Dowerin, Wyalkatchem, Koorda and Mollerin would be more picturesque.

From Mollerin I turned east to Cleary and then headed north along Lake Moore on the Maroubra Road through Maroubra Station and Maranalgo Station.

The northerly headwinds were strong enough to adversely affect fuel economy and on the drive east between Mollerin and Cleary I was pushed to the wrong side of the road while taking a bend. Scary stuff.

Joe, Eugene and Corey were already at our campsite a few kilometres along the Sandstone Road and the others filtered in during the evening.

Joe was to give a damper making demonstration later in the evening and he needed a good bed of coals.

After Joe’s demo there was to be a ‘cook off’ each night we were able to have a fire. More images and details of the damper competition here.


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